Commuter Meal FAQ

Yes. We accept cash, credit cards, Dining Dollars and Brave Dollars.

It is an account that uses your campus ID card as a debit card. Dining dollars can be purchased and placed on your Braves Card in the Bursars Office (Lumbee Hall) & the Braves Card Office (Auxillary Services Building). Dining Dollars are the dollar to dollar funds that may be used in any on-campus dining facilty. Receive an additional 10% in funds for any amount of dining dollars purchased online.

Yes, you can purchase a meal plan at the Bursars Office in Lumbee Hall or on the BraveWeb site. Contact the Bursars Office via email or by phone (910) 521-6855.

Resident Meal FAQ

If you applied for housing in a residence hall and not an apartment, you are automatically signed up for the 12 meal plan. If you wish to change to another meal plan, you may log in to Braveweb and change it (limited to one change per semester). Meals associated with meal plans do expire at the end of each semester, however, unused flex dollars do roll over from semester to semester(Fall to Spring ONLY).

Flex dollars offer additional variety in dining by allowing you to make purchases in the UNCP Dining Hall, Chick-fil-A, Papa Johns, Einstein Bros. Bagels, & Starbucks for meals and snacks. Flex Dollars are included with several meal plans and work just like a checking account. Purchases are made with your Braves Card and charges are automatically deducted.

Flex Dollars can be used in the dining hall and all our retail locations including Brave's Place, Cafe 641, Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros Bagel, Hawk's Burgers, Papa John's Pizza, and Starbucks. 

No. However, you can purchase Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are similar to Flex Dollars in that they offer additional variety in dining by allowing you to make purchases in the UNCP Dining Hall & Chick-fil-A, featuring Brave's Place, located in the University Chavis Center, Starbucks located in the D.F. Lowery Building, Papa John's Pizza and Einstein Bros Bagels located in the Health and Sciences Building. Dining Dollars are kept in an account that uses your campus ID card as a debit card. You can purchase Dining Dollars on the Braveweb or the Bursar's Office (Lumbee Hall).

This plan allows you to enter the UNCP Dining Hall and get the most bang for your buck! This meal plan entitles you to enter the Dining Hall any time it is open. 

The Unlimited 7 is the perfect meal plan for the resident who will be staying on campus most of the time.  Great for athletes, and those looking for smaller but more frequent meals than just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you want a full meal plan with few restrictions, check out the Unlimited 7 day meal plan.

The Unlimited 5 is designed for students not planning to be on campus weekends should consider this plan - don't pay for days you will not be here.

Cards can be replaced for a cost of $25.00 at the Braves Card Office.

No. Meals you don't eat are lost. The new week begins with breakfast on Sunday. This is another advantage of the Unlimited 7 day Meal Plan.

Yes, Meal plans come with 10 Guest passes per semester that can be used for friends and/or family to eat. Guest meals can also be used for yourself. In addition, you may still use your Flex Dollars or Dining Dollars to let a friend eat.