Plan Options

If you would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit the Bursars Office located on the lower level of the Administration building. If you have a question about the meal plans offered, please call the Bursars Office on campus at (910) 521-6855.

Signing up for a meal plan is easy at UNCP! Listed below are three ways you can sign up for a meal plan with UNCP Dining:

1) Log in to your Braves Web account

2) Visit the Bursar's Office, located in Lumbee Hall

3) Visit the Braves Card Office, located in the Auxiliary Service Building

Here at UNCP Dining, we provide innovation in campus dining where you’ll find an inviting atmosphere coupled with outstanding food. Our program is designed especially with students in mind. On campus you will find a variety of eateries to choose from, all conveniently located within walking distance of on and off campus housing, classrooms, and much more. We have a meal plan to meet everyone's needs. 

Residential Meal Plans are required for all students living on campus. Students living in on-campus apartments are exempt from this rule, but may purchase one of these plans if desired.

**Unlimited 7 day + Flex Dollars
Unlimited Meals w/$150 flex
Price: $2,413.00

**Unlimited 7 day  
Unlimited Meals 
Price: $2,288.00

**12 Meals 
12 meals per week w/$375 Flex Dollars
Price: $2,221.00

**10 Meals 
10 meals per week w/$415 Flex Dollars
Price: $2,106.00

Dining Policies

Everyone residing in residence halls is put onto the 12 meals per week plan. Once arriving on campus, students may request an alternative meal plan up to the last day to add/drop courses each semester.

** 1 Meal Exchange per week at any Retail Location  
** Includes 5 guest passes

Purchasing a meal plan can save you time and money! Commuter Meal Plans are designed for students to save up to at least 23% in meals each semester, making them ideal for any student living off campus or in an on-campus apartment. Dining on campus provides the social experience essential to campus life. It gives you the opportunity to gather with friends, take study breaks, hang out, relax, and unwind after a hard day of classes and activities. Our team is committed to creating outstanding service centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients and healthy options. 

Interested in Purchasing a traditional meal plan?

No Problem! All traditional meals plans are available for commuter students to purchase each semester.

**Commuter 50 meals per semester
Commuter 50 meals per semester w/$300 Flex Dollars
Price: $753.00

**Commuter 25 meals per semester
Commuter 25 meals per semester w/$150 Flex Dollars
Price: $381.00

***Dining Dollar Package 
$745.00 Dining Dollars
Price: $745.00

** 1 Meal Exchange per week at any Retail Location   
** Includes 5 guest passes
***Available during meal selection period

Flex Dollars are only available with meal plans and accepted at all Braves Dining locations.  Dining Dollars roll-over from semester to semester, but any remaining balance at end of your final semester will be forfeited. 

Dining Dollars are declining dollar plans, spent dollar-for-dollar and accepted at all Braves Dining locations, also receiving a 10% discount excluding Chick-fil-A.  Any unused funds do roll-over semester-to-semester (Fall to Spring Semester Only), however, do NOT roll over year to year. Braves Dollars are campus funds that are accepted all-over campus, including all Braves Dining locations. Learn more at

Guest Passes

Are additional meal swipes that are included in all of our meal plans. Guest passes can be used by the student themselves, or on a guest. Five guest are allowed each semester, but do not roll over from semester to semester. Not available for $745 Dining Dollar Plan.

Meal Exchange

Allows use of a meal swipe at an on campus retail location. This is available once per meal period at Brave's Place (lunch 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and dinner 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.) and once per week at other retail locations including Cafe 641, Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros Bagels, Papa John's Pizza, and Starbucks. 

25, 50, and 75 meal plans are available but will expire when employee relationship ends with the university and are nonrefundable.

Dependent upon the specific monthly payroll schedule, requests that are made by the 10th of any month will appear on the upcoming paycheck. Meals will be available for use on the 1st of the following month. Example: A form submitted by June 10th will have funds withheld on the June 30th payroll and meals will be available beginning July 1st.

Faculty Meal Plan
25 Meal Plan

Faculty Meal Plan
50 Meal Plan

Faculty Meal Plan
75 Meal Plan